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María Elena Lavaud

Traducción, Diseño de Portada, Diagramación Interior, Kindle Direct Publishing, Paperback, eBook

Clarissa: The Flight of a Monarch Butterfly, by Maria Elena Lavaud, highlights the grim reality of domestic violence that many women have come to endure. Clarissa’s husband used his wealth and influence in unspeakable ways against her and she suffered the worst kind of domestic abuse. The book is based on real-life events, making the horrific ordeals that Clarissa experienced even more tragic. Clarissa's tale is a story of pain, suffering, and brutality at the hand of her spouse. Clarissa will open your mind to how intolerable violence can become if not stopped. It is unacceptable for a husband to believe his wife needs to be submissive to him and the question arises as to whether society is ready to embrace and support women who dare to stand up for their rights?

In Clarissa by Maria Elena Lavaud, the protagonist attempts to have her husband sentenced for domestic violence. The plot revolves around her memories of her husband's cruelty, the court case drama, and the unexpected revelations. The book will keep you reading to see if she will finally escape the horrors of her life. The tale of Clarissa might help others to fight against domestic violence, as many people are unaware of the suffering of victims of this type of abuse. Stop domestic violence as there is never any justification for it! The dialogue between Clarissa and her reporter friend is pivotal in revealing the corruption of Clarissa's husband. The style is dramatic but not exaggerated, showing the author's empathy and understanding of this subject.

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