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Dios Habló y Dijo

Hidalgo Heights: The Victims are Taking Up Space

Bryan Fonseca

Revisión Editorial, Diagramación Interior, Diseño de Portada, Paperback, eBook, Kindle Direct Publishing

The dead-end street of Hidalgo Heights houses four teenagers who indulge in sports as a refuge to evade their struggle to survive. Along with their families and their bodega owning best friend, every day is a reminder of how forgotten they are. The Hidalgo Kids are products of their own environment, which has swallowed anyone who’s ever lived there. But what allows them to attempt to persevere is straightforward: It’s all they know.

In the heart of a bordering town, Middle Ridge, lies the origin of a family tug of war centered on identity, influence and inquisitiveness. A son not only isn’t knowledgeable of his past, but as he seeks historical context, his domineering single father becomes his greatest obstacle. The ongoing affray is not only an element of the narrative, but it’s the root of why there’s a story, to begin with.

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